navigation help

• To access the albums: either roll over “photo projects” and click on the one you want to view on the pull-out menu, or click on “photo projects” to get to a visual menu of the albums and then click on the one you’d like to view.
• Once inside a project, you can learn about it by clicking on the yellow “about” found in the bottom left corner.
• Once inside a project, you can let the slideshow play automatically, or you can use the arrows to take control. As well, you can select the photos randomly by clicking on the thumbnails found underneath the currently viewed image.
• For full-screen images, click on the small curved arrow on the bottom right corner. To exit full-screen, just click on the x in the upper right corner.
• To see titles and legends, you must be in the full-screen mode. Click on the on the bottom left, next to the thumbnails. Another click on the will remove the texts.
• To remove the thumbnails and enlarge the photos even more, just click on the small arrow on the bottom. Again, clicking on that same arrow will bring the thumbnails back.
• Enjoy!!