Intimate Itineraries – Journal of Interior Travels in South India (1998-2003) – about
Some people say that India is a land of contradictions.
I say that it is a place where many realities exist simultaneously:
a constant and fluid juxtaposition of perspectives and angles,
an ephemeral encounter between vision and intuition.
India is, above all, a perpetual initiation:
the more I think I know it, the more elusive it becomes.
Because Photography is Memory,
and the act of photographing is engraving a moment onto my soul for eternity,
the union of an experience and the necessity of holding on to that experience is,
each and every time, a new one, almost like an offering:
everything is in the act, everything is in the moment.
And it is there, in the moment, where all my senses meld into pure emotion.
Book of photos and accompanying texts, 2008. Bilingual English / French
Distributed by Galerie Shantala, Paris, France.
Out of print.